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Teddy Bear Puppies have been bred in hope of creating a new hypoallergenic dog. Teddy bears were also meant to be small enough to sit on its owner’s lap and be easy to carry around on errands but still be OK size for family's with children.

We are now taking deposits on our female Teddy bear Puppy that are sure to be a  little head turner . She are well socialized and spunky and don’t shed

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We have 1 female for $550.  She will have first shots and will be wormed.You will also get A Puppy Kit that includes a sample of puppy food that we are currently feeding, a health guarantee that includes your family vet, A puppy and dog guide, that will help with a lifetime of pet care. supplement to help keep them healthy and happy while they adapt to the new family. We will also start them out with a New collar,and some other Surprise gift to help you get started.   


Mother of Teddy Bear Puppies

This is the mother of our  wonderful teddy Bear Puppies


 Sorry But She Is Now Sold


The Teddy Bear is a very easy going dog.

Barking: Teddy bears rarely bark but do like to bark when they are playing.

Companionship: If you are looking for unconditional love, and you have the time to give a dog daily loving then a Teddy bear is the right dog for you.

They maybe a excellent alert dogs, but not good guard dogs. They think everyone is their friend.

Grooming: Teddy Bears require more than average grooming. If you let their hair grow out you will need to brush them daily. Therefore for ease of care it is best to give them puppy cuts

Family Dog: The Teddy Bear makes a great family dog.

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