Our home is where their life begins, your                   home could be where their story starts.


Angels Morkie puppy picture 45244


Angels Yorkies & Designer Puppies,Past Picture of a morkie puppy.

#Angels,Yorkie picture 45244


Angels Yorkies & Designers past Yorkie Puppy


Picture of Shorkie puppies Cincinnati Ohio 45244


Past Shorkie Puppies


Are you looking for a good family pet that won’t jump and knock you over or destroy your yard ? We have Yorkies & Designer Yorkipoo puppies that won’t do either. Instead they will pull at your heart strings and fill you with kisses. Would you still like to have a good watch dog? Yorkies are known to be big dogs in little body’s with great hearing. They also won’t eat you out of house and home. We now have the pleasure of offering other breeds like Shorkies, Shih-Poos, and Teddy bears that are also Great for apartment living. 

 Our precious little beauties are spoiled, healthy, rambunctious, intelligent, playful and truly the heart of our home, which will make them a treasured fun loving companion and family pet.  They are sweet and spunky and don’t shed. 

We offer

  • A selection of healthy , clean puppies.
  • Registration papers on all purebred puppies and some designers.
  • A written health guarantee that includes your family vet.
  • Records of all shots and wormers your puppy has had. Vaccinations are important to the good health and long life of your puppy
  • A Puppy Kit that includes a sample of puppy food that we are currently feeding .  A on line puppy and dog guide, that will help with a lifetime of pet care.  This invaluable resource covers a range of topics including feeding, grooming, training, house training, veterinary care and much more. Please check the page called 

A care guide for the first 48 hours including house-training, puppy proofing your home, supplies you will need and the feeding. We now have this guide on line instead of booklet 

Yeah We have registered SHIH-POO's  puppies at this time that you can see pictures of on the SHIH-POO Puppy page. Will be ready for Christmas

We also have Shorkie puppies. You can now see pictures of them on the Shorkie Puppies page


Below are some pictures of the precious jewels that have been in our past litters. Click on the picture to view larger.  

  What Is A Pet?

 A pet is such a special friend,

A friend in many ways.

Sharing love and companionship,

Just looking for your praise.

The clever things they often do

Bring a smile to your face;

And so to them I dedicate,

This small but special place...


Author Unknown



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      Angels Yorkies & Designer Puppies 
    Cincinnati Ohio