Angels Morkie Nursery

   If you've seen a Morkie Dog, surely you've fallen in love

it should not be a surprise that morkies are known for having a lot of personality. They are lap dogs to the core and strive to please their owners.

One of the advantages to the Morkie is that it is a low to non-shedding dog,and is best suited for an environment in which it can be close to its family.

If you would like to learn more go to our about Morkie page.

  From Our Heart And Home To Yours.

       We are now down to one adorable male Morkie Puppy that is growing and getting cuter every day. We have 1 male $450 and 1 female $600 left.

  • A Puppy Kit that includes a sample of puppy food that we are currently feeding, a health guarantee that includes your family vet, A puppy and dog guide, that will help with a lifetime of pet care. Registration Papers and pedigree. a collar and Toy , Bed, and some supplement to help keep them healthy and happy while they adapt to the new family and of course they can't leave with out first shots and wormed, 
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Sorry they have been sold

Just a few Fun Facts about Morkies

1) They belong to the toy group

2) the first Morkie was bred in United States.

3) On average, the Morkie puppy weights only four to five ounces at birth

4) The Morkie is one of the popular designer dogs, because this dog breed inherits cute appearance and lively temperament from both parents.

5) Temperament – The Morkie is active, brave, cute, lively, determined, gentle, loyal and affectionate with family.

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